Slipknot New Member Backstage Photo, Name Revealed?


A new photo of the mystery new Slipknot member arriving backstage with the band for Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of weeks ago has surfaced. Slipknot have refused to reveal the identity of the new member, who is replacing percussionist Chris Fehn. Fehn is currently suing Corey Taylor and M. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan over a financial disagreement. Some fans had speculated that Zach Hill was the new percussionist, and said they saw him at Jimmy Kimmel Live, but others have said the new member looks a bit too tall to be Hill. Fans on the Slipknot Reddit are speculating that the new member could be Gage or Simon Crahan, but there have been subsequent denials.

A fan posted, “Also it seems they arrived already in full gear and masks. Which contradicts Zach Hill being seen… how can Zach hill be there and The new guy arrive and in full gear??? I might be missing something. As I’m just interpreting things based on photos of the SlipKnot members arriving.. all of them arrived geared up.. sure some without their masks, but strange that both Shawn Clown Crahan and “New Guy” arrived together with masks already on….”

Another fan posted, “You know they don’t fly around with their shit on. Hill was seen walking around before hand entering with zero gear on but holding a mask bag with the other members. Furthermore, Gage was seen briefly during the set on the side of the stage, AND the new member has black, loner curly hair and a wedding ring. It for sure was never ever going to be Simon, Clown would be replaced eventually by Gage, but it aint Gage dude. Its honestly probably just a random stand in until they can sort the lawsuit and have a member officially replace Chris.”

Clown was evasive when asked about the new member by Kerrang.

“The position you may or may not be talking about is nobody’s fucking business,” Clown responded, before emphasising that it’ll be up to the fans to make up their own minds once they catch Slipknot performing live across the world this year: “The proof is in the pudding.”

You can view a backstage photo below. The second one hasn’t been verified as being the new member, so take that one for what it’s worth.

New guy and Shawn “Clown” Crahan arriving together. I’m starting to think it’s Gage Crahan. Also I’ve heard there’s pictures of Zach Hill at Jimmy Kimmel Live, I haven’t seen them . Anybody know where I can see them? from r/Slipknot

Zach Hill Yesterday & The Bag He Was Wearing With His Mask Inside (covered by the car) from r/Slipknot