Slipknot New Member Finally Breaks Silence


The mysterious new member of Slipknot, affectionately called ‘Tortilla Man’ by fans, has appeared to write a message at a recent show in a photo. The message states, “Who is the new guy?” Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan have refused to reveal the new member’s identity.

WikiMBWe posted on Reddit, “To be fair his identity is hidden for quite long what’s impressive. Vman and Jay were identified in a week after The Devil in I music video was released.”

ChoklitCow said, “I doubt his anonymity will last long once the US tour begins. There are enough people that follow tours on multiple stops that eventually they will start being able to remove road crew members from the equation, unless he’s not traveling with the band at all.”

AntrephelliousI wrote, “Shit, maybe he is a road crew member. He pulls in the guitar cases and shit one hour then masks up and gets on stage the next”

ChoklitCow posted, “If he wasn’t, he is now!

‘Hey guys, I enjoyed the hazing and all, but don’t you think we’re going too far now that I’m unloading and loading the stage each night?’

‘We’re doing it for your anonymity bro. Now don’t scuff my amp again.’

itisnear said, “I bet the rest of the group are kicking themselves for not keeping their identities more hidden decades ago. It must be fun to be in one of the most mainstream metal bands and no one knowing who you are.”

They are having a blast with this from r/Slipknot