Tool’s Surprising New Album Schedule Revealed: ‘It’s Not This Dark Heavy Thing’


Tool drummer Danny Carey was recently interviewed with his Legends of the Seagullmen bandmate Jimmy Hayward by Metal Injection, and he discussed the state of Tool and their new album

“Yeah, I mean not that Tool is like this dark, heavy thing. We’re still friends, but we are working. It’s always playing music with your friends, but you have different conversations with different people. It’s always a breath of fresh air to play with different people. And the more I do projects like this, the more my musical vocabulary increases. It all feeds off each other. It’s a positive thing.”

He later said, “Jimmy [Hayward] and I are Los Angeles boys, so it’s not difficult. I rehearse everyday pretty much with Tool, but that’s like one to four in the afternoon. It’s not that taxing because I’ve played professionally my whole life. It’s not a burden to play with different people. It’s what I have to do to keep my craft growing and keep getting better.”

He also stated, “I’m playing jazz with people and working on the Tool stuff. It’s all coming out soon. There’s always something to be working on. We’re really excited about this band though.”

Carey recently proclaimed that Tool would release their new album in 2018. Maynard James Keenan responded on Twitter by saying: “Burp.”