Smashing Pumpkins Ex-Bassist Confirms Reunion


Former Smashing Pumpkins touring bassist Ginger Pooley said she ‘missed’ playing with the band and Billy Corgan in a new social media post. Pooley posted a 2007 video on her social media and wrote, “Miss this.” She also shared a photo of herself visiting Corgan at a solo show last month, fueling speculation of an onstage reunion at some point. She wrote, “Great show @williampcorgan! Only shed a few tears. Here I am mid sentence. ❤️!! 📸 @kristingram.”

Smashing Pumpkins rejected an MTV Unplugged performance for a sad reason. Smashing Pumpkins fans have recently speculated about a release of the final Metro show in Chicago from December 2000 to mark its 20th anniversary. Billy Corgan revealed a week ago in an Instagram story Q&A that the Pumpkins will never play the Metro again.

NotColinaArcher responded to the news on Reddit, “It’s about time. 2020 would be a great time to release the Machina reissue and to finally release the ‘final’ 2000 Metro show.”

They added, “Maybe it’s time to start building hype for the Machine reissue. Does anyone remember how far in advance the previous reissues were announced?”

Radioactive2321 posted, “I just met a gal who works at Metro and she said she’d keep in touch and let me know if SP/WPC made a return there but WPC seems firm that they won’t. Who knows. At least I should have the inside scoop!”

PugooftheWildFrontier said, “Man I hope so. It seems they have so much on their plate already but maybe they can fit Machina deluxe on there 2020. My guess is late 2020/early 2021.”

CamF90 wrote, “Hadn’t Billy in the past said the final Metro show would be a like greatest hits pack in and different Machina era shows would be used for the reissue of the album? He changes his mind all the time but I remember him saying that.”

JHonn0 chimed in, “I don’t recall that, but it would definitely make sense that a different Machina show would come with a reissue; something they did on the Arising tour would be perfect, since they play songs from Machina I and II. The final Metro show is a different beast altogether.” A Smashing Pumpkins member confirmed ‘quitting’ news a few days ago.