Smashing Pumpkins Take ‘Bad’ Shot At Foo Fighters Show


Former Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese revealed a ‘bad ass live shot’ photo from on tour with APC in 2000 with Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters, with James Iha being credited as the photographer.

Freese wrote, “Happy bday to @pazlenchantin. Looking like a bad ass in the only ‘live band shot’ I’ve ever had up in my house. A Perfect Circle, summer 2000. 📸: @jamesihaofficial who??”

He added, “August 2000. Somewhere in Canada on tour with Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins. Photo by James Iha.”

A Nine Inch Nails icon leaked a sad Michael Jackson photo a couple of weeks ago. Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan made an emotional post on social media a couple of days ago, “Pictured here from this last summer is my best friend Tommy Lipnick and our dear pal Till Lindemann, from when we went to the @rammsteinofficial record release party in Berlin I believe. I’ve posted this picture before, which isn’t the point other than to say it illustrates the good times in life that make friendship and camaraderie (like we both have will Till) worth remembering, celebrating, and honoring, too.

For many years, at least 8 or so, Tommy has laboured under a sort of major health issue that could never seem to get properly diagnosed. And fearing the worst, he was checked for all the things that you’d be checked for in that type of situation and came back clean every time; all while his condition worsened and worsened year after year. I’ll let Tommy tell you if he wants what he’s been through these past years, but suffice to say he nearly died during SP’s last tour in Europe and recently had to undergo a life-changing and life-saving surgery.

He’s fine, I just saw him last night, and on the road to recovery, so I don’t wish to alarm anyone; most of all his friends. I just know how much he loves the SP family, and how we’ve all been in on the joke with The Unknown Man and so on. So please, send him some love and prayers. He, as will I, will appreciate it. His IG is: @tommylipnick.” An ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist recently revealed a reunion photo.