Soundgarden Drop Reunion Concerts Bombshell


Soundgarden hasn’t toured since the death of their beloved frontman Chris Cornell. The group’s last formal tour as a band was in 2017 and Cornell played his last show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit with Soundgarden on May 17 of that year, just hours before he died. Soundgarden recently revealed the truth about this late 90s icon.

However, could a Soundgarden reunion be possibly in the works? During a recent interview with LifeMinute, acclaimed guitarist for the group Kim Thayil pondered on the possibility that he could step on stage with his Soundgarden brothers one day. Here, Thayil mentions how surviving members – Thayill, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepard all have an interest in playing together. Credit to Blabbermouth for the following quote.

“I think it’s very likely that Matt and Ben and I will play together. I think we know that the songs that we love, that we did for decades with SOUNDGARDEN if we’re gonna play those songs again or hear those songs when we wanna hear them, at best it’ll be with at least the three of us; that’s the closest we’re gonna get at this point. So I think we’d wanna re-explore that and do that at some time in the future. And I think the three of us have an interest in doing new things. We certainly like working together.”

During an interview that took place late last year with GuitarWorld, Thayil reflected on three decades on the release of Soundgarden’s most cherished albums – BadMotorFinger. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“That’s totally what it feels like. When I was 10 and I needed perspective, I would think back to a decade before I was born, so that’s 1950. I would be like, ‘Wow, that was a long time ago!’ To go back 30 years before I was born, 1930, that’s, like, ancient to me. There were no TV or color movies. It’s prehistoric. 30 years is a big interval, especially in popular culture. It’s a weird thing to wrap your head around.”