Soundgarden Member Reacts To Chris Cornell’s Widow Speaking Out About Drugs


Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron showed his support for Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky following her appearance on MSNBC on Thursday, liking her Instagram post featuring a clip of her discussing how people need to voice their ‘outrage’ about the opioid epidemic, which she believes helped lead to her husband’s death by drugs affecting his mental state.

Vicky Cornell said during the appearance, “I think that we have a deadly epidemic that is taking 174 lives a day, and that’s due to drug overdoses alone, that doesn’t take into account drug and alcohol related deaths. It would be like a plane crash every single day, there would be outrage, and it’s time for us to voice our outrage and do something about this epidemic.”

Cameron and Kim Thayil also showed their support for Vicky Cornell in November 2017, going on stage with her at the Human Rights Watch Gala where he accepted The Promise Award on behalf of her late husband.

“I think Chris particularly emphasized in his solo work, many of his individual work, dealing with exploitation of the most vulnerable,” Thayil told Rolling Stone at the gala. “Perhaps motivated by anything from outrage and concern from what we’d hear in the news to just general distaste for cruelty.”

Cameron added, “We’re certainly trying to make the world better with art. So I think that’s one way that we can start the dialogue and process of trying to connect with issues that are always important to us.”

"It's time for us to voice our outrage and do something about this epidemic."

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