Gene Simmons Daughter Photo With Brother Leaks


KISS icon Gene Simmons‘ daughter Sophie Simmons and son Nick Simmons looked fantastic together in their Halloween outfits a few days ago. Nick wrote about a photo album, ”
Kneel. @twhiddleston @marvelstudios @avengers.” Nick dressed up as Loki from The Avengers and Thor, while Sophie wore a cat outfit. Gene Simmons revealed a creepy backside photo of his wife yesterday.

lakerinthehouse commented, “I still say NICK SIMMONS looks like KYLO REN from STAR WARS. Would love to see him dress like that for Halloween!!”

Nick responded, “I literally did this two years ago.” Instagrahamcracker asked, “Literally?” Nick then answered, “Quite literally, yes.” SusanCas16 said, “Literally the 1st time someone used the word correctly on IG. Thank you.”

Sophie Simmons recently revealed if she’s had plastic surgery. Fans on recently discussed the band being required to have 3/4 original members to book a 2003 tour. Yiggity posted, “What if Peter had said no to rejoining Kiss in 2003? It’s my understanding that the symphony deal required at least 3 original members? So when Ace wasn’t showing interest, they threw Petey a bone. What if he had told them to fuck off instead?

What would they have done? Would they have just taken a lower guarantee and had Tommy and Eric in makeup or would they have scrapped the whole symphony thing? Peter Criss held the fate of the band in his hands. His drum trigger needing hands.”

Mr. Slow responded, “Never mind that one show, how about the tour with Aerosmith that followed? That could’ve cost them big time. I’m not sure of ins and outs of the 3/4 originals deal but I do remember hearing about it back then.”

Coventry1973 said, “They let Peter believe Ace was on board for the Aerosmith 2003 tour. Ace was in for it, why wouldn’t Peter do it? If Paul and Gene made it seem to Peter that Ace was out, then Peter would have all the leverage. Later on Peter found out from Joe Perry himself that Ace wasn’t doing the tour.” Sophie Simmons revealed sad medical test results last week.