Soundgarden Members Reunite At Sub Pop Show


In a triumphant reunion, Matt Cameron and Hiro Yamamoto shared the stage once again for the SMASH Benefit (Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare) tribute to the legendary Sub Pop Records. The event took place on November 19th at the historic Moore Theater, where the duo, joined by Shaina Shepherd on vocals and Jeff Fielder and Caspian Coberly on guitars, delivered a spirited performance of Soundgarden’s inaugural single, “Hunted Down.”

The electrifying moments were captured in snapshots during the performance and the pre-show soundcheck, featuring the lineup of Jeff, Caspian, Matt, Shaina, and Hiro – a visual testament to the musical magic that unfolded on stage. A video from their soundcheck is available in the event’s bio, offering fans an intimate glimpse into the preparation that went into this special performance.

Matt Cameron, not just content with revisiting Soundgarden classics, also took the stage with Shaina and Caspian, backed by the SMASH house band, to deliver a soul-stirring rendition of “Black Hole Sun.” The collaborative energy and the palpable connection between the musicians added another layer of emotion to the iconic track.

As fans continue to revel in the afterglow of this memorable reunion, the photos and videos serve as cherished mementos of a night that celebrated not only the legacy of Sub Pop Records but also the enduring impact of Seattle’s music scene. The SMASH Benefit not only echoed with the sounds of the past but also resonated with the spirit of giving, contributing to sustainable healthcare access for Seattle’s music community.

As the holiday season unfolds, these musical luminaries have gifted fans with a nostalgic performance, serving as a reminder of the enduring power of Seattle’s musical heritage. Here’s to the indelible mark left by Matt Cameron, Hiro Yamamoto, and their fellow musicians, echoing through the corridors of the Moore Theater and beyond. Cheers to a season filled with the joy of music and the warmth of shared memories!