Soundgarden Members Reunite With Famous Singer


Soundgarden members Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron have reunited with Taylor Momsen, who fronted them at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in January. Thayil, Cameron, and Momsen worked on new music for The Pretty Reckless’ new album on Thursday at London Bridge Studios. Soundgarden revealed the bold truth about Alice In Chains replacing Layne Staley last week.

Taylor Momsen wrote on Instagram, “So this happened…thanks to #KimThayil for an amazing time in the studio #tpr4 #comingsoon #brilliant #Seattle @hannahmeadowsphotography.”

Matt Cameron said, “Kim and I had a blast!! 🤘🏼” Soundgarden were recently nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Momsen would definitely be a fitting guest singer if they get inducted in April 2020.

Billy Corgan recently reacted to rumors of a new Soundgarden album being released. Kim Thayil told Billboard about why the band deserves be in the Hall of Fame, “I would end up looking at the influence and inspiration we’ve had to our fans and to a number of the young musicians and people who have gone on to start their own bands, bands that are also influential and doing something unique and individual that inspires me.

It’s great to know our work inspires them in the same way we appreciated Pink Floyd or the Ramones or Led Zep or the Stooges. That people are appreciating us in the same context that I appreciated my inspirations means we did the right thing and that we’re very much a part of that community of creative music people. We’re part of that tradition.” You can read the full interview at Billboard.