James Hetfield Unloads On Metallica Bassist In Sad Photo


Time to unload some James Hetfield news! One time Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to post the following pictures from circa 1982. The pictures are of James Hetfield with McGovney from 80s era San Francisco, obviously in a ‘No Life For Leather’ photoshoot and roughhousing around. You can view this photo below. James Hetfield ‘rejects’ ex-Metallica bassist reunion.

In other news regarding James Hetfield and Metallica fans recently took to the subreddit for the group to discuss the worst Metallica shows of all time. One user, Matt102583 mentioned: “Sloppy as hell, mistakes by everybody, everywhere. Bells and I Disappear intros are a trainwreck. You can tell James is drunk, Kirk’s starting the decline, Jason hates everyone. At least lars still had hair. The end of an era of Metallica that we all came to love.” While donatedknowledge responded to the above user by saying: “I’ve played battery from this concert a thousand times, as I always loved the tempo and aggression in this show. But you make a fair point as well, I just never noticed.” Genitaltso chimed in by saying: “Dude enter sandman intro was the worst I’ve ever heard in my life. Any song by Metallica love that is the worst.” Metallica bassist reacts to James Hetfield ‘quitting’.

Whitesnicker25 said: “The one guy posted something from 2000 but one of their most emotional performances is from 2000. Jason’s last appearance ever at that show where they played like two songs for some TV show, Fade to Black is Jason’s last song and it’s really good. But yeah for the most part 2000 was their worst year like ever.” Metallica icon leaks horrible James Hetfield ‘relapse’ photo.