Freddie Mercury ‘Terminal Cancer’ From AIDS Revealed


Acclaimed late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury‘s family was interviewed for a feature in UK-based outlet Here, in this uncovered feature, fellow family members of the iconic Queen frontman, whose real name was Farrokh Bulsara – his mother Jer Mulsara and his sister Kashmira Cooke’s husband, Roger Cooke spoke out and revealed how Mercury never told his own family about his AIDS diagnosis. Freddie Mercury caught with bandmate girlfriend in bad video.

Michael Jackson’s daughter makes creepy Freddie Mercury claim. Cooke said to the outlet: “He didn’t tell anybody in the family. We gradually became aware he had an illness but we had no idea what it was or how serious it was.” Cooke mentioning how he and the rest of the family learned of Mercury’s condition. Cooke later added: “Then in August 1990 Kash and I saw a mark on his foot. It was Kaposi’s sarcoma.”

In other news regarding Freddy Mercury and Queen, to discuss their favorite Queen song and album. Kalethensail posted: “If you’re interested in some beautiful stuff, I really recommend checking out Dear Friends & Lily of the Valley off Sheer Heart Attack, You Take My Breath Away from A Day at the Races, and Bijou from Innuendo, to name a few. All of them really get me.”

While SuperEgg26 replied: “Keep Yourself Alive from Queen (I). It’s their official first song and honestly is a bop that sets a lot of Queen precedents. Multidubs for the guitar, tight and excellent drums from Roger, and bopping bass from Deaky. I also would suggest listening to some of the demo versions as well. The song has the most documentation as far as different versions concerned and it’s interesting to hear the evolution of the song from it’s earlier recordings from 1971, to the “revisit” recorded supposedly during the Night of the Opera sessions.” You can read the full feature from Express HERE.