Steven Tyler ‘Won’t Leave Alone’ Flight Attendant In Photo


Fly This Way! Steven Tyler was caught having quite the encounter in the friendly skies. The iconic Aerosmith frontman was mid-air during a routine flight when one passenger needed to talk to the flight attendant on the plane. However, the flight attendant was busy talking to the one and one – Steven Tyler. A creepy Steven Tyler dressing room photo With this actor was recently revealed.

As the passenger recalls:

“Dan Hasty
That moment you need the flight attendant but Steven Tyler of Aerosmith won’t leave him alone.”

In other news regarding Aerosmith, fans on the band’s fan forum Aeroforce were recently discussing the legacy of Aerosmith’s 1993 hit, “Livin’ On The Edge”. The track was the first single off of their eleventh studio album – Get A Grip. Aerosmith were recently joined onstage by Johnny Depp for a performance. 

VoodooMedicineMan stated: “This has always been one of my favorites. I loved it when I first heard it as a 12-year-old, and still enjoy it every time it comes on. I wouldn’t mind the occasional break from the setlist, so hearing it live would be somewhat special instead of expected, but I can’t complain. This one is a good composition, it seems more complex than the typical riff-based track and well put together. They appear to really enjoy playing it.

I think the first time I ever saw the video was on an early episode of Beavis and Butt-head, which I never saw again until I found a downloadable copy a few months back. I always remembered this part of the commentary;

Butt-head: Whoa! Check it out! Where’s his penis?
Beavis: It’s in his hand, where it always is!”

Lenny Kravitz recently made a horrible Steven Tyler revelation. Pillis expressed: “This is one of their best songs and a live staple, always one of the best moments at their concerts. The riff is iconic and timeless. Maybe it goes on for too long but that helps the song to be so powerful. I love it. The video is stunning and made history. The whole gag videos were so great and cutting edge, forward-thinking and modern. The album is also a modern rock masterpiece and a milestone in their catalog, hands down their best album after the (un)holy trilogy gyw-tita-rocks Whoever doesn’t agree is wrong because I say so and you will deal lol”

Aerozhul wrote: ” Great song and video! I like the fact that this song is about something other than love – so the social commentary is OK with me. This song’s message applies just as much today as it did back in ‘93. As far as the live experiences go, I feel much the same about this one as I do about Cryin’ – the studio versions of the songs are so much better than the live versions. In fact, most of GAG sounds better on the album, I think Eat the Rich and Fever are really the only songs that they can pull off live. So….I’d be fine with this being dropped from the set, but I’m guessing a lot of the more casual fans would be disappointed.