Steven Tyler Girlfriend Takes Sad Bathroom Photo


Steven Tyler‘s girlfriend Aimee Ann Preston is walking this way straight to the John! The significant other of the legendary Aerosmith frontman took to social media via Instagram to post quite the peculiar picture – her taking a selfie in the bathroom. This Aerosmith member [was it Steven Tyler] was spotting buying a ridiculous car not too long ago. Although the thirty-year-old former personal assistant looks absolutely stunning, even as she is taking a selfie in the little girl’s room. You can see the photo below. Steven Tyler’s daughter made an ‘ugly’ photos revelation a couple of days ago.

In other news regarding Aerosmith, the band took to social media via Facebook to announce that they were the 2020 MusiCares Person of the Year. Fans have been giving their responses to the band receiving this prestigious honor.  Aerosmith revealed this ‘dirty’ Steven Tyler secret recently.

Mead said: As they should be. You guys are amazing and what you all have done for yourselves as well as others over the years is awesome. Congrats lovies.

Trish put: “Congratulations! You guys rock and have rocked for decades. Steve thank you for helping the woman in need. The best word to describe this band is CLASSIC! Much love!”

Marie replied: What a great honor you do so much for everyone you bring such joy to all with your music this is well deserved God Bless Aerosmith!

Lisa posted: Steven your awesome congrats what you do matters and thank you so much for helping people overcome addictions. Well deserved Aerosmith. Love you Steven rock on babycakes.

Sally chimed in with: “You as a band are fabulous and each individual in the band deserves this recognition. A lot of work goes into your songs and performance…Bravo!!”