Steven Tyler Makes Gross Demand At Aerosmith Show


Sweet emotion of gluttony. Steven Tyler, the iconic frontman of the band Aerosmith was caught making quite the piggish demand not too long ago. The seventy-one-year-old frontman was in the middle of a rehearsal for one of his Las Vegas residency shows when after playing a few bars of a song, Tyler put in the odd request for some pizza. This Aerosmith member [was it Steven Tyler?] was spotted buying this ridiculous car recently.

However, this wasn’t just for any ordinary pizza but rather nine boxes worth of pizza. We aren’t entirely sure if Las Vegas is known for their pepperoni but if anyone could get decent pizza delivered hot and fresh to him it’s Steven Tyler and the boys over at Aerosmith. Fans of the band took to social media via Instagram to react to the unique request. Steven Tyler revealed this brutal hospital photo recently.

coulstonj said:
“Yeah, pizza! I try hard to not forget anything that you order with those nine pizzas and get them to you hot. And get 100 score for driving it to where ever you are a bit strange I don’t think so but I usually get a 97.? It led up to this call it fate call it karma call it it’s your pizza. Only nine boxes! The church has a standard order or 16. A pizza party every Wednesday well not ever Wednesday but hey that’s a pretty good tip if your the lucky one to get it. Double my pay for this hour oh more than double praise God! Better than that week’s pay of 2.50 even if it was a mistake they won’t ever correct if I only get 2.50 every time out I still make more than I was before because it didn’t cost me any more time then paid for it and the miles even if its a 25. Still, it makes you feel like you’re getting a bad deal because you’re working for minimum wage or less than minimum wage actually. But if you get a ten dollar tip for one delivery and 2.50 for the rest you might make 40. A day and you didnt have to dig ditches or work as hard as you possibly can or as fast. A loaded for ups for 4 years almost THEY saw how well I did and passed the time away which I knew I saw supposed to be able to get driver pretty quickly and end up being cussed and bullied and bugged until I was an ass hole and hurt myself because I didn’t remember to be nice I did more good then bad even if it cost me mobility because hell I never lifted any right in the first place. Ended up being a pizza driver, not a ups driver it doesn’t matter because I can pass the CDL pretty easy. 😂😁❤️”

mgr.rebelo was worried for the Aerosmith frontman’s health:
“Stevent do not eat a lot of pizza, only if it is made with light homemade dough and natural ingredients.” Aerosmith revealed this ‘dirty’ Steven Tyler secret a couple of days ago.