Ozzy Osbourne Health Scare Photo At Home Revealed


 Ozzy Osbourne is resting peacefully – on this comfortable couch! The seventy-year-old rock and roller are on the most recent issue of Clash Magazine. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife made this painful ‘Heart Attack’ claim not too long ago. Clash is a music and fashion magazine and website based in the United Kingdom. It is absolutely wonderful to see the Ozzman in good spirits after his most recent health scare. This sad Ozzy Osbourne coffin photo was recently revealed. You can view the photo below.  

In other news regarding the Prince of Darkness, fans took to Ozzy Osbourne’s subreddit to discuss the merits of his 1991 solo album “No More Tears” and how it holds up today.

agentmantis put “I do like No More Tears. It’s his last really good album. Everything since has been mediocre. Scream was a return to form in my opinion. Although all that said. I think that No Rest For The Wicked is a superior album to No More Tears. There’s no dead weight on that album. No More Tears has hits but it has some snoozers too.”

catsalade replied: “Absolutely love it, Mama I’m Comin’ Home is one of his most emotional songs (my personal favorite type from him). The rest of the songs on that album are pretty great too, notably Road to Nowhere. I could listen to it on repeat”

Arn_Darkslayer mentioned: “I am one and think it is maybe his best album. There is no filler and the combination of quality songwriting and superb production makes it a classic. One note on the production; give a hard listen to the title track and notice both the thick bottom end bass as well as crystal clear guitar. Ozzy’s masterpiece.”