Steven Tyler New ‘Drug Treatment’ Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is known to be one of the most charitable people in rock today. For example, his foundation Janie’s Fund was established by Tyler in partnership with Youth Villages in 2015 to provide hope and healing for many of our country’s most vulnerable girls who have survived the trauma of abuse and neglect. Steven Tyler revealed a couple of days ago if Aerosmith are ‘retiring’ from touring.

In another notch to his giving belt, as well as his extremely charitable nature, Tyler has now announced that he, along with several other musicians will be taking part of a local company called Recovery Unplugged to help the battle against drugs and alcohol.

Steven Tyler recently revealed the last time he used drugs, is he clean? As The CW South Florida originally reported on this story: “Some famous musicians, like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, are directly and indirectly a part of a local company called Recovery Unplugged. Recovery Unplugged is a unique, music-assisted treatment program in the fight against drugs and alcohol.​”

Recovery Unplugged is a national addiction treatment organization dedicated to healing clients through a music-based rehab approach. Combining traditional treatment practices like detox, counseling, and medication with our innovative and proven musical behavioral care, Recovery Unplugged helps clients channel their unfiltered emotional connection with music toward their everyday recovery and ongoing sobriety. Our treatment approach uses music to engage in existing evidence-based care models. Joe Perry revealed if he wants Steven Tyler out of Aerosmith not too long ago.