Jason Newsted Reunites With Metallica In Emotional Photo


Legendary Metallica bandmate Kirk Hammett took to social media via Instagram to post these dynamic photos from Metallica’s thirtieth-year reunion show which was located out of San Fransico, California. Hammett said about the event and of the photos: “8 years ago today began one of the best weeks in Metallica’s history. The iconic 30th Anniversary shows held at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. Here are some pics from night one.” You can view these iconic photos below. This Metallica ex-bassist confirms rumor: ‘here we go again’.

In other news regarding Metallica, a fan on the group’s subreddit took wrote his manifesto taking to task another Metallica member – Lars Ulrich.

This Metallica member revealed if James Hetfield left rehab. The user wrote: “Lars was a monster back then with James. James would write some kickass riffs put some Larsy goodness on top of that and you have some of the best metal music in history. His AJFA [And Justice For All] drumming was one of the most intense and heavy drummings ever. So how did he become so bad? James was considered to be the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time, and still is after 30 years. Kirk will always be solid when he is not high and actually tries. All of the bassists were godlike. But Lars always declined in his career. How and why is that?

To which, one fan responded: “No matter how you would quantity his talents, he’s a contrarian. If there’s some expectation upon him to do something a certain way, i.e. practice, keep steady rhythms, maintain a tempo, use a ride cymbal, perform songs as they were recorded, or whatever else, he’s far more taken with the freedom of not bothering in favor of a more avant-garde, impromptu approach. In some ways, I can understand and appreciate that. What bothers me is that it generally becomes negated as they work on the albums, with tons of editing taking place where these few seconds of take fifty-two are strung together with fill from taking fourteen and then looped twice followed by the back half of take 30 and so on. That’s common enough, but it’s the exact opposite of the “human element” and “lively vibe” that he repeatedly swears they try to achieve. The defense of basically playing whatever he feels is not backed-up. Metallica were spotted at bar in this photo, is James Hetfield sober?

This user concluded by saying: “Just as with Kirk’s solos, the drums would greatly benefit from being more carefully composed, and a little (regular) practice would help the live performances greatly.”