Steven Tyler Parties Shirtless With Women In Photo


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler‘s girlfriend Aimee Mann (who recently posted a make out photo) has posted a photo of Tyler having a good time shirtless, with a drink in his hand, though we’re not sure if it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic. She wrote, “Still sleeping this one off! One of the best days there ever was. Can’t wait…November is the month for revealing gold! #flashbackfriday #hauteliving @clifloftin @brianbowensmith @msvioletcamacho @iamstevent.”

Aerosmith were recently joined onstage by Johnny Depp for a performance in Las Vegas at the ‘Deuces Are Wild’ residency.

Hohete Hendrix commented, “So jealous! We were at the Saturday performance, which was incredible, but seeing Johnny Depp would have been amazing!”

Andrew Pooley said, “Love Aerosmith, such a talented band which I’m lucky enough to have alot of their albums on vinyl, Tim burton & Johnny Depp are a couple of talented guys & I love all the films that they have been apart of.”

Stacy L Hill wrote, “OH HELL YEAH!!! Can’t wait to see the band again in person!! And hanging out with one of my favorites Johnny Depp and the master craftsmen of the movies Mr Tim Burton!! Too much for me to even contemplate!!!”

Lisa Lee Cant chimed in, “Wait to see you guys in November and super happy Johnny is with you saw Hollywood vampires this summer and was over the moon when you (Steve) came on stage. So I’m super happy Johnny’s going to be with aerosmith.”

Kelly Shannon wrote, “Glad to see Johnny looking better. He looked rough and bloated after his breakup with his ex a few years ago.All aging uniquely Thanks for the music and entertainment thru the years.” Lenny Kravitz recently made a horrible Steven Tyler revelation.