Steven Tyler Reveals Drug ‘Worse’ Than Heroin


Steven Tyler acclaimed Aerosmith frontman recently gave a feature to Haute Living about his sobriety and being honored at Musicares next year. In addition, Tyler states how a band writing their own songs and playing them for the first time is figuratively more of a rush than heroin.  Steven Tyler’s ‘open relationship’ with big-name revealed.

Tyler said: “I met my ex-wife Theresa, and I had two more beautiful children. The band hired a new company, Geffen Records, and a great A&R man named John Kalodner. We all had a manager that helped us fight that battle together. You may never have done cocaine or heroin, but you hear it, and you go, ‘Woah, you were a heroin addict?’ And I would say, ‘Yeah, but that’s nothing compared to when a band writes their own songs and plays them and hears them back in a recording studio on these speakers that are bigger than life. Then, you are on the radio… there is no drug stronger than music. My sobriety cost me nothing less than everything.” This Steven Tyler new ‘drug treatment’ was just revealed.

He later said, “Every morning I wake up, and I ask God to please enter my mind before I do,” Tyler shares. “Half measures avail us nothing and beware of the half-truths because, with drugs and alcohol, it’s likely that you got a hold of the wrong half. It becomes not about me anymore. It’s about carrying the message and the people that are going to die if I don’t get this. What makes me an alcoholic is not how much I drank or how often I used, or who I did any of that with. It’s what happens to me and who I become when I do, and I don’t like that guy. I will always support MusiCares because it helps people weave a parachute out of everything that has been broken.” Steven Tyler revealed a couple of days ago if Aerosmith are ‘retiring’ from touring.