Steven Tyler Reveals Massive Paycheck At Aerosmith Show


Steven Tyler offered fans at a recent Aerosmith show in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Borgata $5,000 if they could guess the name of a book written in New London, New Hampshire. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments when introducing bassist Tom Hamilton. Heartbreaking Aerosmith car accident photos were revealed yesterday.

“And this man over here, raised by a pack of wild dogs in the f**king woods of South New Hampshire, no no no, I’m sorry, it was New F**king London. You know what book was written in New London? $5,000 for anybody who knows what book was written in New London, New Hampshire. Cash, right now. Well I can’t think of it either, so f**k off.”

Steven Tyler was furious after a man was caught filming him recently. aeroknows posted a review yesterday on the Aeroforce board of a recent Aerosmith show, “8/26. The boys looked very comfortable and well rested. I knew the setlist going in and it felt like a win that What It Takes was not replaced by IDWMAT. They were having fun and joking around. I was impressed with the replacement drummer but was able to recognize several (but not a multitude of) instances where the missing Joey factor was consequential. Not much more can be said.

We all know what this band sounds like on good nights, and bad. I was glad to get a good night. Amazing that nobody heads for the gates after the last tune. Steven bantered and joked quite a bit after the lights came on and Joe eventually walked off stage with his guitar still hot, smiling and jamming along w the after show music. Despite the much maligned setlist, they kicked ass in Springfield Mass on 8/26.

Merchandise booth was selling vintage Angel shirts (the one with the big red heart) for $175. THAT’S $175.00!!! I laughed along with the concession guy at that price. He said they were original lol.” Steven Tyler revealed the bold truth about Red Hot Chili Peppers earlier this week.