Steven Tyler Massive Bill At Las Vegas Bar Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler once sang about ‘Eating the Rich’ but as one professional wrestler found out, ‘drinking with the rich’ is a completely different experience. The Scottish ring general and former ICW Heavyweight Champion known as Jack Jester got the rare opportunity to drink on Steven Tyler’s tab! Jester wrote of the experience: “We drank on Steven Tyler’s tab tonight and nothing cooler will ever happen to me…” Steven Tyler allegedly ‘done’ with Aerosmith in backstage photo.

In other news regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith fans recently flocked to the Aerosmith’s Aeroforce fan boards to discuss the impact that the day November 5th, 2012 has on Aerosmith’s legacy. Steven Tyler family recently made this disturbing death claim.

According to forum member, AeroCooper, Aerosmith ROCKS  estimated 35,000 Boston fans with a free concert outside 1325 Commonwealth Ave, site of the band’s original apartment where they lived from 1970-1972.

The user continued: “The day began with the designation of 1325 Commonwealth Avenue as a historic landmark, with a special commemorative plaque placed outside on the building. This honor was bestowed on the band by Boston Mayor Tom Menino and the city of Boston. To top it off, Aerosmith will further leave their mark as their handprints are being placed in the sidewalk in front of the building. The significance of the event was underlined by the attendance of the New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft and President Jonathan Kraft, Patriots Tom Brady and Jerod Mayo, along with an array of Patriots cheerleaders who warmed up the crowd on a brisk fall day.

Fans reacted to this glorious memory and historic event for the band. LiveBootLeg wrote: “What a great day that was. Just a great vibe. Sounded awesome. Seeing the kids living in surrounding apartments hanging out the windows getting into it. And FREE. One of my best memories of Aerosmith. For some strange reason, my job just happened to take me to 1325 Comm ave.”

Steven Tyler confirmed this new Aerosmith drummer the other day. Whereas Aeroluver stated: “I’ll bet that was a real treat for Aero fans! One day later (November 6th), MFAD [Music From Another Dimention] was released and it is also Jack Douglas’ birthday.