James Hetfield Attacked By Metallica Bassist At Show


During a recent interview with “The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle”, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo discussed the importance of getting along with your bandmates. As highlighted and emphasized here, the Metallica member revealed a time when he came to blows with another one of his Metallica bandmates, James Hetfield while performing ‘The Memory Remains’ over in Italy. James Hetfield recently can be seen crying for this surprising reason.

“Kirk [Hammett, Metallica guitarist] and I were doing these duets and I’m singing in other languages. And Lars [Ulrich] threw, like, ‘Do a bass solo,’ kind of a day before. And I’m just, like, ‘Aaaargh…’ So I’m tense. And [James is] tense too, but we’re tense about different things. And we’re going on stage very soon and things are running late. And we’re playing ‘Memory Remains’ [in the tuning room], and I’m just kind of jamming through it, but I’m not jamming through it with full intensity; I’m just kind of ghosting it a little bit. And he’s, like, ‘You know the song?’ And this is a song we’ve played thousands of times. And I was insulted, because this is one of the easiest songs we play, and you’re asking me if I know the song.”

He continued: “So I’m just kind of, like, ‘Yeah, I know the f***ing s…’ I blew a fuse for a second. And then I felt horrible, and he felt horrible. And then we realized, I think, that I’m tripping on the load that I have on my shoulders over here; he’s tripping on this and this and probably… I mean, I get it, man — I’ve had poison oak; I’ve had bee stings before, and it ain’t fun. And you’re out there and you’re trying to be the best you can. So, rather than throwing your instruments down and coming to blows or anything like that, you work it out — you kind of calm yourself and you realize what’s going on.”