Stone Temple Pilots Reveal If They’ll Return In 2021


Stone Temple Pilots were forced to cancel Perdida acoustic shows in early 2020 when singer Jeff Gutt got injured, and shows with Nickelback were later canceled due to the pandemic, but STP tweeted that they do intend to return in 2021 after their challenges in 2020.

STP tweeted, “2020 definitely was not the year any of us planned it to be. But we hope, despite the changes and canceled plans, you all stayed healthy and safe. We are looking forward to 2021 and hoping to see all of you again soon! All of our love to all of you. Be well. ❤️”

Miniondi recently posted on Reddit about a rare demo version of “Interstate Love Song.”

“I just heard a live version of Interstate Love Song on Lithium and I felt like I was having a stroke because Scott didn’t sing any of the right lyrics in any of the verses of the song. He jumbled words, he lost his place, he went into the chorus at the wrong time or didn’t go at the right time.

It’s a short song and I was busy putting up decorations so I had an out of body experience and then jumped online to see if there was any information about this version which I had never heard before. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t tripping. But there wasn’t any information online and now I’m about to have a panic attack. Is anyone here aware of the live version of Interstate Love song I am talking about?”

HunterWaterFord responded, “I honestly think you hear the early demo version of the song before Scott nailed down the lyrics and was focusing on the flow of the melody. Check it out here.”