Taylor Hawkins Angry Last Text Messages Revealed


As time continues to go on since the sudden and sad passing of prolific drummer, Taylor Hawkins; we are getting more and more news around the very odd and untimely death of the star. Now, we have new information that takes a look into the final days of the legendary percussionist. See here how Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters came together. 

Following the cancellation of Asunciónico, the Foo Fighters had moved on to Bogotá, Colombia, where they were supposed to headline a night of the Estéreo Picnic festival on March 25. It is said that during this time, Taylor Hawkins was in a good mood that day, according to his friend, producer Andrew Watt, who had been working with Taylor Hawkins on Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming new album.

According to Andrew Watt, he had stated the following about Taylor Hawkins contacting him during the time period of his passing: “I got, like, a bunch of calls from him,” the producer says. “I couldn’t answer; I was in the studio, but we were texting back and forth and it was just like normal sh*t. He’s like, ‘You’re a fu*king dickwad. You just pressed the fu*k-you button. You didn’t even let it ring.’ And then he started sending me stuff. He’d always send me music he was working on. The last text I have from him is a piece of music that’s just drums.”

As Andrew states, the above statement is just how Taylor Hawkins would talk, very sporadic and seemingly angry, but it shouldn’t be taken as such. The tone set by Hawkins is much more of a playful tone than anything as anyone close to him would have told you. 

Andrew closed by saying: “He just sent me this fu*king unbelievable drum beat and was like, ‘Make something out of this with one of your artists. This would be awesome. It’s funky and groovy and, like, check this out.’”