Taylor Hawkins Son’s Band Asks For Help


The official Instagram account of Chevy Metal recently posted a picture of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ son, Shane Hawkins. It was revealed that Shane broke all of his drumsticks ahead of his show with his Dad’s band Chevy Metal at BottleRock Napa on Friday. The caption read:

“@shanehawkins445 broke all of his @zildjiancompany sticks last night at @oldprincetonlanding and has like a pair and a half left… we’re playing @bottlerocknapa today… where the hell can we buy sticks in Napa? If any bands are there, please hook us up!! Preferably 5B, but if not fuck it. Thanks. @hourglasswine”

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Chevy Metal

The cover band Chevy Metal had been a closed chapter in a rock and roll story when the band showed up to play a tribute show for the late Taylor Hawkins in late 2022. However, it seemed that there was more to be written. Chevy Metal was the brainchild of Hodgden and the Foo Fighters drummer in 2002. Hodgden was working as drum tech for the Foo Fighters band, which he still does, and bonded with Hawkins.

It has been noted that at first, Hodgden had big aspirations that Chevy Metal would blow up big. However, knowing Hawkins’ commitment to the Foo Fighters, he decided it would need to be a kept-secret bar band and it was for the first decade.

“Those early days, the rehearsals were almost like boot camp; we were playing just about every day,” Hodgden has said. “I learned a lot about how to watch and listen, and how things can go live. [Hawkins] might want to keep the song going, and we might not end it like we practiced, so I’d have to be ready.”

Hawkins’ son Shane soon offered to take his dad’s place behind the drum kit to carry Chevy Metal on.

“There’s just not much rock and roll like that, and I felt like we should keep it going to make sure that music still exists,” Shane Hawkins said. “It’s carrying on my dad’s legacy, and it’s playing rock and roll music with friends for other people. It’s just fun.”

Taylor Hawkins’ son is remarkable behind the drums

Shane Hawkins gained massive recognition in the music industry when he performed on drums with the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium in London during the first of two Hawkins tribute concerts. He delivered an emotional rendition of “My Hero” that moved even casual fans to tears. The video of his performance has been viewed tens of millions of times. Chevy Metal’s members were deeply affected by the influence of Taylor Hawkins, with Hodgden likening the late drummer to a professor.

A defining characteristic of a Chevy Metal performance is its unpredictability, from the setlist to surprise guest appearances. Anything can happen at their shows, whether it’s planned or spontaneous. Dave Grohl has frequently collaborated with the band, sometimes joining in on guitar and vocals. Taylor Hawkins played a role in fostering this spontaneous approach, dating back to the band’s previous performance at BottleRock.