Taylor Momsen ‘No Makeup’ In Bed Photo Revealed


The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen recently took to social media via Instagram to showcase this delightful early morning photo where she is looking au naturel and a natural beauty. You can check out the photo that is little on makeup but features maximum beauty below. Taylor Momsen tight white nightgown photo revealed.

In other news regarding Taylor Momsen, fans recently took to social media to revisit Gossip Girl season three where Momsen plays her pivotal role as Jenny Humphrey. One fan proclaimed: “I’m a coming-of-age genre fan, so Gossip Girl is right up my alley. The season started a little slow, but it picked up the pace toward the end. Mostly it was the same-old, same-old, just with grown-up clothing and with more serious consequences for actions. Still, I recommend it to anyone who has followed the series, because the last half of the season left several dangling threads for season four. Season four should pick up right where 3 left off, which I think will be better than the gap between two and three.

Taylor Momsen hit hard by horrible disease in photo. This fan wrote: “Great teenage drama show that grew with the audience. I really enjoyed the ideas behind the series that you never know who is watching what you are doing. Especially in today’s age of technology and social media. Add to that the drama of the social elite of New York and you have a captivating show that you would not find anywhere else. I love the bridging during the series of the elite world with the “normal”. Watching all the drama behind that and the character development of each main character was great. The series starts out a little on the naïve (younger side) but it grows into a pretty powerful show by the end. I think I started liking Serena at first, but Blair became my favorite character by the end.”

While another fan stated: “As we all know Gossip Girl is a fantasy of glamorous people in fantastic settings who get involved in the most precarious of situations. This season, like the rest, delivers tantalizing drama that will satisfy even the guiltiest of our pleasures. (Blaire and Chuck together, enough said) A must-have for the gossip girl, twilight, or CW fan of any type. Happy viewing.” This Taylor Momsen creepy black swimsuit photo was revealed not too long ago.