Taylor Momsen Caught In Stunning Bedroom Photo


Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless, posted this somber photograph of herself relaxing in bed, cuddling with a stuffed animal and as she proclaimed on Instagram, taking a nap between recording. Although we will say that she is dressed in some pretty tight leather for a routine nap. Sleep well Tay-Tay. Taylor Momsen reveals creepy Jim Carrey photo.

Taylor Momsen bends in tight outfit photo. In other news revolving Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless, fans of the group recently took to social media to discuss one of their signature albums – ‘Light Me Up.”

As one fan said: “The Pretty Reckless Light Me Up is a very good rock CD with 11 songs and full of emotions that everyone can relate to. The singer’s voice is also very good and on most songs, you will feel like humming along or singing along in your car or at home. Track one expresses the effects of drugs on the singer’s life, track two another good rock song with decent lyrics but personally prefer the live version found on the CD single “Hit Me Like A Man.” Track 3 is a song you can’t help but sing along to and relate to the lyrics at some point in your life “I’ll Never Be Good Enough”, track 4 is a song with strange lyrics but the singer is right about one main thing no matter how much we desire to change “Can’t Be Anything Else But Me.” Track 5 is another song you can hum along to and enjoy moving to the music but in the end she will get her revenge on those who hurt her, track 6 shows how much you want to numb out the pain, hurt, so you take anything to drown it out but for “Just Tonight.”

The fan continued their review: “Track 7 shows how fast fame, fortune comes to your life, and then in a blink of an eye it turns you into “Miss Nothing, track 8 is a song about the singer looking for her hero to save her from ‘Going Down.” Track 9 is another song about trying to fill the void in your life but this time trying to find it in love, religion, or even fame in the form of “Rock and Roll”, track 10 threw the pain and sorrow you need that special someone to help you get threw it and keep you going. Last track 11 is a feel-good song about enjoying life and having fun by trying to get into the parties and you can move to the music bob your head or body threw the song start to end.” Taylor Momsen pink swimsuit photo at beach revealed.