Paul Stanley KISS Movie With Big Name Revealed


UPDATE: Early KISS scenes only short part of upcoming film, Spinning Gold.

December 29th, 2019—Bad Astra, Marketing & Communications for Cara Guitars, would like to announce today that in reference to the “KISS film” rumors circulating based on recent social media posts, the photos shown of Jim Cara with the KISS replica guitars refer to an upcoming movie, Spinning Gold, which is about the history of Neil Bogart and Casablanca Records.

His comments were pertaining to the movie Spinning Gold and he does not know anything about a movie being made about KISS at this time. Jim does not work for Paul Stanley in any way, shape or form. He is a custom bass designer that works directly for Gene Simmons Axe Company, among others.

Information about Spinning Gold can be found online.

KISS and Paul Stanley history was announced recently as Jim Cara, guitar builder to the stars dropped on Facebook recently that there will be a KISS movie made! This film will feature early scenes of KISS and not only that, will feature copies of exact instruments that Paul Stanley and the group themselves used. KISS’ Paul Stanley apologizes for bad remark to women.

Paul Stanley made a ‘small size’ revelation earlier this week in a photo. Here, Cara discusses about just that and he how he was asked to make the instruments for the project and how once Paul Stanley himself saw the copy of a certain instrument, he was so impressed that he thought it was the original article. Cara’s statement can be read below.

A film is in production that includes very early scenes of KISS. I was asked to make the guitars for the Gene, Paul, and Ace actors. With the permission Gene, Paul, Ace, Christina and the graciousness of my associates in this industry, Eddie Carlino and miniature architect Thierry Raynaud, I was able to recreate this custom instrument that was stolen from Paul in 1974. Keith Leroux and Francis Stueber arranged a presentation to Paul. The greatest compliment was when Paul said, he thought it was the original until Gran said it was a copy. See the photos below as well as the copy of Gene’s bass from the same photoshoot in 74.

In other news regarding ‘the hottest band in the land’ fans recently took to social media to reflect and look back on one of Paul Stanley and KISS’ most popular albums – Love Gun. One fan noted: “I always have loved this LP. So cool to hear it remastered, brighter, drums more up in the mix… fantastic job. I would have loved to hear more full-band takes or run troughs as opposed to some of the extra’s they included here. They have so much stuff I just think they could have provided the fan with a better selection. All in all is really cool and the presentation of it all is very good quality as you would expect from KISS. Very pleased. I hope they do the same thing with Dynasty.” Gene Simmons recently revealed if Paul Stanley is ‘past his prime.’