Taylor Momsen Posts Dressing Room Photo


Taylor Momsen is getting ready for The Pretty Reckless’ 2022 tour, as seen in a photo below she posted from her dressing room, as she plans a likely beautiful wardrobe for the tour.

Many artists have found themselves in a very odd situation. As time goes on with the saga of Neil Young vs Joe Rogan – we see a split happening between the two sides. On one side, you have people who understand the message set by Neil Young. On the other side, you have people who get what Young has been trying to make aware of, but they depend on revenue from Spotify to stay afloat in the music industry. Financial reasons or not – Spotify is the leader in music right now and has been for years. Not to mention that it will still rule almost all music for many years to come unless a better idea is brought to fruition.

Last month, this classic rock superstar discussed the ‘worst’ move Neil Young ever made. Taylor Momsen has found herself on the exact opposite side of all of this as she recently expressed that she is loyal to Spotify while not making any notes of what is going on or the temperature of the situation. Surely, this was a PR team move to ensure that money is still coming in via Spotify and it seems like they have a relationship with The Pretty Reckless and Taylor as Taylor’s Twitter page ensure to tag Spotify and thank them directly.

Not all artists want to make a political statement, and that’s okay. It’s great to understand what’s going on and why something is okay or not okay. However, bands like The Pretty Reckless are not one of the bands you would expect to have an opinion on Covid or anything related to Joe Rogan. There’s no harm and no foul here. Honestly, this seems like a band doing what they must to keep continuing with their career as Spotify continues to line the pockets of many bands who have a large following off of their music.

You can see what Taylor’s Twitter said below: