Dave Grohl Reveals ‘Very Sick’ Ozzy Osbourne Photo


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed a sick and gross Ozzy Osbourne photo in a recently unearthed Mojo Magazine piece from the Concrete and Gold era. Dave Grohl recently revealed an emotional Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani secret.

“It’s fascinating that the singer of the band that’s known for being so dark and so evil could be so loveable. When I think of Ozzy I think of the famous photo of him on a toilet with a cigarette in his hand, his pants around his ankles, having a drink and, on his bare knees, are tattoos of smiley faces (laughs).

This is the man who sings Sabbath Bloody Sabbath! Ozzy’s personality and charisma shine through the darkness. His singing voice is very distinctive. His signature sound is a doubled vocal. He sings the line once and then sings it again and that creates the effect, almost like a phase or a flange. When he sings the line the second time they match up perfectly – not something everyone can do. He has this laser, crystal tone that can cut through the incredibly heavy music behind him.

Ozzy is a huge Beatles fan and the amount of melody he included in this dark music was incredible. This sweet outer layer for something so explosive and sinister. His twisted, demonic teenage smile and the hair and the acne – all these things were important. The first time I heard Sabbath and saw a picture of them, I felt I knew them.”

Ozzy Osbourne was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and while he has rescheduled tour dates on the books for 2020, Ozzy is waiting to see how his health is once the shows are coming to see if he will be capable of performing. Foo Fighters are currently recording a new studio album, with an expected 2020 release along with a 25th anniversary celebration for the band. Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently leaked a sad drug rehab photo.