The Beatles Reveal George Harrison Last Words Before Death


George Harrison, the iconic, late guitarist for The Beatles moved fellow bandmate Ringo Starr to tears. It was revealed in a new Rolling Stone interview what words the famed drummer had said to the legendary guitarist for The Beatles while Harrison was very ill. George Harrison stole this huge money from John Lennon.

Starr stated: “I’m emotional now thinking of him forty years ago talking about me on his tape and thinking of me. The four of us were great friends with a couple of side issues. And it was far out. So anyway, I didn’t know how to act. And then I got back to L.A., and I grieved, and then, of course, you always go through the grief. And George, the same. [He tears up; his voice starts shaking.] I’m such an old crybaby. He’s laying there very ill — not long. And I’ve got to go to Boston, ’cause my daughter’s having an operation. And so I said, “Well, you know, I’ve got to go, George,” and he says, “Do you want me to come with you?” You know, he’s dying in a bit: “Do you want me to come with you?” How many people say great things like that to you, really give themselves?”

Ringo Starr recently made a painful Yoko Ono remark. Reddit user Oliwine shared the following exchange he had with a co-worker about The Beatles’ sixth studio album, released in 1965 entitled “Rubber Soul” on the subreddit for the fab four.

The user stated: “So he was like “Rubber Soul is their best work in my opinion.” and I said “yeah it’s good, In My Life and Morning Wood are good songs” then I took a second and realized I said Morning Wood and wanted to scream, I don’t think he knows what that means, but Norwegian Wood  is the song, not Morning Wood, hope that won’t happen again, it was so awkward.

Fellow Redditor FartIntoMyButt replied: “At least you work with people who have opinions. I saw a coworker with a Beatles mug and asked him his favorite album and he couldn’t name one. Which is fine of course, some people just like The Beatles generally. but I wanted to have a conversation!” Dave Grohl made this disturbing George Harrison claim earlier this month.