Ozzy Osbourne Money ‘Disaster’ Revealed: ‘I Lied’


Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi discussed Ozzy Osbourne’s issues causing the band significant money in a new Planet Rock interview, and he remembered lying about how things were going well. Ozzy Osbourne being given drugs by a young girl in his past was recently revealed.

“I think the major problem started from drugs. We’d been about for a while at that point and done a lot of touring — a lot of touring. It came to a point where we [needed] to do another album. And off we go to Los Angeles to do another album. And we had a house in L.A. that we were there for 11 months to rehearse in the house. We’d never done anything, basically. We came up with a lot of riffs and stuff, but we’d never actually done much as far as putting songs together.

Because the whole thing was falling apart. Everybody’s going in their own individual rooms. And at the end of the day, it just was disastrous — we just weren’t producing anything. It was very difficult, because I can say, ‘Ozzy was the first one to have to go,’ but it was hard. We had to do something. It was me that used to take the stuff to the record company, and they’re going, ‘How’s the rehearsals? How’s the writing going?’ ‘Oh, great.’ Lie. “When can we hear some stuff?’ ‘Oh, fairly soon.’ We hadn’t got anything. We got some music ideas, but not much vocal ideas. And Ozzy was going through probably a really awkward stage… We just got pressurized so much into, ‘We’ve gotta do something.'”

Ozzy Osbourne recently made a stunning drug demand to a doctor. Iommi continued, “Money was going out the window. It was costing a fortune staying there. Everything was coming to a head, and we had to say, ‘Well, what are we gonna do? We’re either gonna call it a day or break up or we’ve gotta try and find another singer.’ We’d already had this problem slightly before we we went as well. And Ozzy left for a short while and came back. But in L.A., it just came to a crunch and it all came to an end.”

Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has announced that his sister has died on his social media accounts. The 70-year old hard rock icon posted a photo of his sister Eileen from childhood, and he wrote, “Farewell my dear sister Eileen. Rest in peace.”

Frank Bello wrote to Butler, “My condolences to you and your family Geezer🙏🙏.”

A fan named Kevin commented, “The Rosko’s Send our Deepest Sympathies on the loss of a loved one. May She Rest In Peace in the Kingdom of Our Lord. We send Prayers for Strength in this time of need. So sry to hear of your loss. Love & Prayers from the Rosko’s.” Ozzy Osbourne revealed a drug worse than heroin last week.