The Rolling Stones Make Disturbing Cancer Revelation


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood discusses “overcoming lung cancer” in his new documentary ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me.’ The film will premiere at the London Film Festival on October 12th. The Rolling Stones just wrapped up their ‘No Filter’ tour, with Keith Richards making a ‘final concert’ announcement in a video, after Mick Jagger apologized for being forced to reschedule the show.

Wood is 72 and still going strong despite past health issues, but in the film he revealed heartbreaking details about when he had lung cancer, and how it surprised him how it appeared as if he’d never smoked after he had an operation.

“When they operated on my cancer, they took away my emphysema. They said my lungs were as if I’d never smoked,” the rock icon miraculously revealed.

“I thought ‘How’s that for a Get Out Of Jail Free card?’ Somebody up there likes me, and somebody down here likes me too.” That quote from Ronnie was the inspiration for the title of the film. He said it was “such an incredible feeling to look back on my life and discuss key moments along the way that I remember vividly as if they were yesterday. Virgin Media Television reported details on the new film.

Wood’s former The Rolling Stones bandmate Bill Wyman also had a documentary released this year called ‘The Quiet One,’ though a screening was canceled after a claim resurfaced from ex-wife Mandy Smith that they allegedly slept together when she was 14, 4 years before they were married when she was 18. They quickly got divorced a few years later. Rush frontman Geddy Lee recently revealed a surprising secret about The Rolling Stones icon after the pedophile allegations.