Keith Richards Makes Emotional ‘Last Show’ Announcement


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards released an emotional video for the ‘last show’ of the No Filter tour. Could it be the last Stones show ever? We sure hope not! Richards wrote, “Getting ready for our last concert on this tour!” Mick Jagger issued an emotional apology to fans yesterday.

Keith Richards discussed working in recording studios in a recent interview, “For studios, I’m more bothered about the room than the recording hardware, because we bring in a lot of our own equipment. Basically, I look for the room itself, how high it is, what shape it is and what kind of echo it’s got. And some of the time, rooms can fool you and you think it’s gonna be easy… and the first couple of days of the session, you’re moving the drums around.”

Keith Richards took a vicious shot at a bandmate in a newly surfaced quote. Richards later said, “But when you find the right setup, it’s great. So, usually, when I start, I walk in the room and say ‘Are you going to be a friend or a foe?’. “I record without headphones as much as possible – usually, the drummer has to wear them. So usually, I compromise: one ear off, one ear on. Cans are a pain – you wish you could live without them, but you can’t quite.” You can read the full interview at Guitar.