The Who Make Bold Led Zeppelin Ripoff Claim


The Who frontman Roger Daltrey discussed Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page during a recent radio broadcast, referring to Plant as his rock god. He defended Led Zeppelin regarding claims that Plant ripped him off. Robert Plant recently revealed how he savagely rejected a Led Zeppelin reunion drummer. Alternative Nation transcribed Daltrey’s comments.

Daltrey said, “Well I was friends with Jimmy Page in the 1960’s, I knew them from the very early years. It was Keith [Moon] who came up with the name Led Zeppelin, I became very good friends with Robert Plant and we still are today. They supported us on one of their first U.S. gigs in Washington, or north Baltimore or somewhere, I can’t remember – Maryland, I know it was Maryland.

He continues, “I love his solo stuff too – he’s always exploring. I love his African influences on his music that he does solo, he’s never dull and that’s what I like about Robert. Robert’s got incredible courage and I know a lot of people kind of say that well he copied you because you had the long, curly hair, and then he comes along with the long curly hair, but that’s not true, because Robert is Robert. I just wish I could of been as tall.”

A Led Zeppelin member recently called out a terrible Robert Plant album. Plant has stuck to his solo career and new collaborations since Led Zeppelin’s 1980 split, despite numerous pleas for a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. The closest we’ve come are the Page and Plant 90’s collaboration and a few one off reunion shows, with the final one coming in 2007.

  • penelopederm

    “I just wish I could of been as tall.”
    It might have sounded like that, but I’m pretty sure what he said was:
    “I just wish I could’ve been as tall.”

  • Aaron Welsh

    Was a record producer or someone who came up the name was it not? Said they’d sink like a Led Zeppelin

    • franziles

      Don’t you think Daltry would know?

      • Aaron Welsh

        Ok so Led Zep & everyone else just made that up and now after all these years the truth has came out load of nonsense if you ask me

        • Adam Stark

          Keith Moon has always been attributed to naming the group. Originally, he and John Entwistle were going to leave The Who to form the group with Page and Keith made the “sinking like a Led Zeppelin” rremark. I’ve known this all my life.

          • franziles

            There’s been some debate whether it was Moon or Entwhistle who named the group. There we have it straight from Daltry.

        • Chris Au

          What do you mean ‘After all these years’? Keith Moon coming up with the name has always been the story. There are easy to find interviews with Jimmy Page from decades ago where he tells the Keith Moon story.

    • Tod Winkelman

      No it was definitely Moon who came up with Led Zeppelin

  • Paul Noblin

    Rock & Roll has gospel music as it’s foundation. The only rock that rolled can be found in the Bible, when a bolder rolled away from the tomb of Jesus.

    Mike, could you tell Brett that he needs to watch the 2000 movie, “Almost Famous.” It fits him to a tee.

    Great interview. I love these Dinosaurs of Rock. When I was a custom darkroom technician, I developed pictures for a Cult. I was advised not to tell anyone about this. They were pictures of Tractors. Some believe that Tractors are reincarnated Dinosaurs because they live on fossil fuel and are huge.

    I played trumpet for twelve years. I have no talent. I am sure that no artist wants to be called a Rock & Roll God. You would think that Rock Stars could sleep with many women. Actually, they sleep with no one. Never be jealous of a Rock & Roll Hero. To make them sing high notes on stage, they get their balls whacked off. The last thing that a Rock Star wants to do is to sleep with a woman, as he might be found out.

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    Warm Regards… Paul.

    Do as you’re told!!!

    • Mike4go

      Dude you’re an idiot

  • Troll_Slayer

    Greatest rock band ever !!! Valhalla awaits the rock god Robert Plant (Bon Scott is already there)

    • m2nov35

      John Bonham is gone, so is bon scott, both their lives ended ironically….by drinking too much, spirits,….and laying on their backs.

  • m2nov35

    Didn’t he mentioned that he, (rodger) and plant, both (allegedly) dyed their hair blond?