Pearl Jam Reveal Andy Wood Regret: ‘I’m Guilty’


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed his biggest regret about his time with Andy Wood in Mother Love Bone in a new Music Radar interview.

“We didn’t have nearly as much fun as we should have,” he added. “We should have had more songs and we should have written more songs when we were there. So by the time we got to making that record, I think we made a good record but the joy was already evaporating a little bit.”

“It was a fun time because we were making a major label record and it sounded good. But I wish that I had time back with Andy, because we could have supported him so much more. We could have written so much more. We were all fighting with each other… I don’t know. You get a bunch of guys in a room and they all want to be in control. Everyone wants to be in charge and sometimes that sucks the life out of the thing. And I am as guilty of it as anyone.”