Tool Show Leads To Robbery: ‘I Called 911’


Tool recently performed at the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida. While the fans had a great time at the show, one of the fans in the crowd did not have a great time following the conclusion of the concert. Previously, Tool fans were kicked out of a concert.

Tool fan faces robbery

One of Tool’s fans on Reddit, LouieH-W_Plainview noted how he was a victim of a robbery. He discussed how who he thought were his friends at the show weren’t good people. He divulged how they were not actually friends, and ended up robbing him. They attempted to steal the fan’s phone and wallet as well, a vape pen and $50 were stolen. Though the fan had a great experience at the show, the events following the show gave him a forgettable moment.

It was revealed:

“I was at the Miami show last night… I’m a huge Tool fan and my buddies weren’t really… Basically after the show, they tried to rob my phone and wallet by force. I had a head full of acid and was terrified. Called 911 from car and ran away with my keys. They stole my vape pen and 50$ I had in glove compartment… The concert was soooo mind numbingly beautiful… But followed by that shit show, I just feel disillusioned… I guess I have to learn how to pick better friends… Low point guys and gals. Learned a lesson the hard way last night”

One of the Reddit users Overhed was furious with the events and went on to write: “I hope you press charges. You have all their information, teach those scumbags a lesson.”

The band previously debuted a new song live on tourTool also recently returned to Las Vegas for the first time in almost a couple of years on a Saturday night. The veteran metal band has now staged two of its past 30 performances at T-Mobile Arena, the only venue that’s hosted Tool twice since the group released its fifth album, Fear Inoculum, in 2019. The band also recently went to San Diego, south of their home in Los Angeles, for their concert at Viejas Arena.