Tom Morello Reveals Dangerous Eddie Vedder Performance


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello reacted to Eddie Vedder’s most daring and dangerous Pearl Jam performances, when he would climb arenas and stages during “Porch.” This used to frighten his bandmates, who thought he could fall and die.

Morello tweeted, “Eddie Vedder’s greats climbing feats during ‘Porch.'”

Vedder recently did an interview with Chicago Cubs baseball player Anthony Rizzo. Vedder may be the world’s biggest celebrity Cubs fan, frequently attending games, including the 2016 World Series run.

There’s “magic in the ivy” this week as Lindsay talks to Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and the Chicago Cubs’ 4-time Gold Glove winner Anthony Rizzo. Ed and Anthony reminisce on the Cubs’ historic run-up to winning the 2016 World Series, Anthony reenacts catching the final out of their epic Game 7 victory, and Ed reveals the incredible story of how Cubs’ Hall of Famer Ernie Banks came into possession of Ed’s childhood glove. Be sure to check out the incredible philanthropic work these guys are doing off the “big stage” at The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation and Eddie Vedder’s E.B. Reserach Partnership.

Eddie Vedder released the ‘Matter of Time’ EP last year and put out a new Pearl Jam album called ‘Gigaton’ a year ago in March.