Tool Member Dressing Room ‘Attack’ Caught On Camera


Tool bassist Justin Chancellor brutally attacked a pinata in his dressing room at a recent show, with Tim Cadiente taking multiple photos. A Tool member recently called out a Maynard James Keenan girlfriend.

Cadiente wrote, “On November 19th while on safari I met a tribesmen who was on the hunt to find and sacrifice the very, very, very, very, really, really rare piñata shark. This is the reason why the Zissou Jaguar shark is now extinct.

I was unaware that if you belong to this certain Norwegian tribe, that on your 39th 😶 birthday you must find, hunt and sacrifice a piñata shark to make it to the next level of manhood.
The photo you see on the back of the camera is a ritual similar to the ‘Haka’ that the Māori warriors would perform to challenge their enemy before war. I was mesmerized (holding my breath under water) and so was the shark when it saw the swift revolutions made with this Hockey stick looking like spear.

The second shot: Shows the impalement of the sacrifice as it begins its journey on the circle of life. As a guest of the tribesman I was able to partake in the rewards that this creature had to offer. Again, Happy Birthday Tribesman (aka Justin) and thank you for letting me document this special kill on your journey to manhood. #rolos #kitkat.”

Tool fans recently speculated on Reddit about their next new release after Fear Inoculum. Clown-f**k69 wrote, “I don’t think that Tool is done yet. I predict at least one more studio album, and possibly a B-sides/extra cuts album in the future.

Maybe just wishful thinking, but I don’t think they have by any means ran out of ideas.

The thing I love about Tool is they evolve with every album. But stay true to their original sound/style at the same time! Definitely a rarity in music currently.”

Socuta said, “Another album would be great, bit there’s no reason they can’t also release smaller projects since they’re off contract now. EP’s, song cycles, even just single tracks are all possible.” Tool recently posted a massive new video with an A-list name.