Howard Stern Caught Brutally Insulting Eddie Vedder


Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club recently unearthed audio of Howard Stern mocking Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam in the 90’s. There have been rumors about Pearl Jam playing The Howard Stern Show or on SiriusXM in 2020.

Robin Quivers: Meanwhile, back to the Iraq story for a moment, the guy who sings lead and writes the music I suppose for Pearl Jam.

Howard Stern: Eddie Vedder?

Robin: Eddie Vedder, he was commenting on the whole situation with Iraq the other day. They’re running around opening for The Rolling Stones. Here’s what Eddie Vedder thinks should be done to fix this problem with Saddam Hussein.

Eddie Vedder (in clip): I was just thinking, if Bill Clinton was sitting in the 12th row, and Saddam Hussein, put him in the back row, or wherever you put them. Just get them in, and get them listening to this view that Brown Sugar could save the world or something.

Howard: He’s cool. ‘Yeah man.’ He doesn’t even talk like that, he’s talking like a rock star. That’s a pretty good double bill, the Stones and Pearl Jam. ‘Hey man.’ Let’s hear a guy doing an impression of a rock star. ‘Hey man, put them together and let them listen to the music man, that will solve everything.’ What a dick. He is so affected.

Billy Corgan recently made a heartbreaking Eddie Vedder announcement, after a fan asked if he had ever met him in the past.