Tool Concert Suffers Sad Fall: ‘There Was Panic’


Unfortunate tragedy struck one of the fans and concert-goers during Thursday’s show at the TaxSlayer Center in Moline, Illinois. As documented on the subreddit for Tool, one fan heard panic saw someone who was also attending hit their head. This person ended up staying with the fallen fan under the proper medical staff was called and their account can be viewed below. Tool revealed that this substance was used during this concert in Kentucky not long ago.

“-I hope you’re ok, wherever you are. I was coming up for a break at intermission from section 103 when I heard a thud and some panic. You fell and hit your head on the door frame from a suite. Stayed with you until paramedics were called, and just hoping you’re doing well today. Much love to you, friend.”

Tool’s final ‘Fear Inoculum tour date of the United States will be on Sunday, March 20th, in Cleveland, Ohio. Continuing, the Reddit user, who goes by the user name Captain_hi_top continued after they were asked to elaborate more.

“I couldn’t tell you, honestly. I have a family in the medical field so weird instincts kicked in when I saw this young man unconscious on the ground and several people try and yank him up. I gently knelt on the ground and told them to lay him down as I was frightened of a neck or head injury. He slowly came to, we realized he was bleeding from the back of his head. He remained conscious and calm, as I believe his family was with us at that point too. When paramedics were called and the situation was under control I had to head off to the bathrooms then made my way back to my seat. Wasn’t aware of anything after. Hoping all parties today are happy and healthy.”