Tool Member Threatened By A-List Star In Video


Tool guitarist Adam Jones was threatened by former WWE and (5 time) WCW champion Booker T on WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1 on Tuesday when he was cutting a wrestling ‘promo’ on the baseball player Adam Jones. A Tool member was accused of brutally ‘messing up’ a major performance.

Booker T said, “Adam Jones, the musician? Oh, I’m gonna roll down the highway whooping his ass. Then they say no, not that Adam Jones, Adam Jones the baseball player.” Jones likely enjoyed the dig, as he is a massive wrestling fan, even attending WWE Monday Night Raw on Monday in Denver, as Tool were in town to prepare for their ‘Fear Inoculum’ North American tour kickoff.

Maynard James Keenan and Tool recently hinted at a big 2020 release. alexb3678 wrote in a review, “The light show, as well as everything else they did with their set was game changing. it took the show from an incredible musical experience to something that devoured every part of your senses. At times, it was almost overwhelming. I was seated in the exact center of the floor and found myself wishing I was further back so I could take in everything that was going on. That should tell you all you need to know about the visuals: I was wishing I was further back… At a tool show. Strange, I know.

I’m reluctant to go in to extreme detail about some of the things that made it feel experimental in nature. But, to me, it was clear that the 13 years we waited for a new album was a result of more than just the music itself. I think they are trying to create an entirely new form of live experience. That said, I am definitely going to buy a ticket and travel to one of the later shows in the tour. By then, all of the complexities of the new songs as well as some of the other aspects of the show should be dialed in and perfectly synchronized.

Like I said, it was amazing. To finish, I’m going to get a little weird… I turn to my buddy mid way through the show and said, “I wish we could all live for another hundred years just to see what insane shit Tool would be doing by then.” The show honestly felt as though they were scratching the surface of some entirely new kind of experience. Nothing makes this fact clearer than the length of every song on the new album. In the days of undertow they sat you down, strapped you in, and ripped your face off 5 minutes at a time. Since then, their songs have gradually lengthened and grown in complexity.” Maynard James Keenan ranting about Tool taking too long to finish their new album was recently revealed.