Tool Guitarist Hired Big Name Singer For New Album


Robert Fripp is known as one of the founding members of the legendary progressive rock group, King Crimson. He has also worked with a wide variety of names over the years including David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, The Talking Heads, and many others. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, it was revealed that there was another name that was to be added to that list, Tool guitarist Adam Jones.

Tool’s family was recently hit by tragic cancer news. During the interview, it was noted that he and Jones began work on a duo album that was ultimately never finished. Tool would bring King Crimson on tour back in 2001 and invited Fripp to sit in.

In other news concerning Tool, if you have fears of the band waiting another thirteen years before putting out another studio album, you don’t have to. During a recent interview with the Cleveland Scene, drummer for the group Danny Carey proclaimed as such and was adamant that long-time fans of Tool won’t have to endure such a long gap between albums.

“It was frustrating not having new material to play, but that time flew by quickly,” he said. “I guess that’s just the nature of life. It’s like when you have kids, and they’ve grown up, and you go, ‘What happened?’ It took a long time, but we did a lot of touring and tried to grow in different ways and take a break from each other to keep things fresh. We also wanted to bring in outside influences, so we would have something new to say to each other musically. It all came together really well on this one. I’m sure it won’t take us this long for the next one. We even had some stuff leftover from the last one that we’ll develop. We have head starts on three or four new songs.”