Tool Hit By Embarrassing Mistake In Ohio Show Photo


Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently took to his Instagram story section to promote the band’s performance at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH on March 6. However, a huge blunder in that post was noticed. The date of the event was noted as ‘March 46.’ You can check out the picture below:

Fans delighted with the Tool show

Fans are quite happy with the band’s performance in Columbus OH. One of the fans on Reddit rayleighcriterion was delighted with the show. In a post that fan lavished praise on the brilliant effort of the band to pull a great show. It was noted that: “Thank you Danny, Justin, Adam, and Maynard for your dedication to the art, and the sheer power that you all hold . Thank you Junior for your amazing visual work. Thanks to all the silent team members who made this possible.” 

The fan also loved the ‘Pushit’ which “took me to that uncomfortable place and helped me realize the self-inflicting nature of trauma and those visuals will always act as a totem for me to come back to realize it again, every time I forget.” Previously, Tool played ‘Undertow’ for the first time in 20 years as video clip surfaced.

While, ‘Pneuma’ “induced an out of body experience in me, and I was one with whatever that energy space was in that arena last night.”

It seems that the fan certainly had an amazing time at the event and it was then stated that “the whole experience was as if the elders conveying divine messages, and my job as a spectator was to take it all in and learn from it.”

Fear’s Fear Inoculum album has been widely praised by music critics along with regular music lovers old and young alike since its release. Over on Amazon, one fan by the name of Jeremy gave his review of the album by stating: “Fear Inoculum took the place of my favorite album of all time. Each song is at least 10+ minutes long so if you have a short trip in the car it makes life a little disappointing because you’ll get to where you’re going before the song ends. If you’re a Tool fan then you’ll love it. If you’re not a Tool fan you’ll probably still love it.”