Eddie Van Halen Family Leak ‘Recluse’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie has revealed a ‘rare sighting’ photo of her and Eddie’s reclusive cat. She wrote, “Someone came out of hiding to say hi. #Booshie #raresighting.” A fan named Big_Poppa_68 responded, “Maybe Eddie could come out if hiding to say… Anything!?” David Lee Roth brutally called out Eddie Van Halen a few days ago.

Van Hampshire posted a story about who motivated Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen to play a powerful show 26 years ago on VHLinks.com, “I saw VH back to back nights at Great Woods in Mansfield Mass back in 1993. I was tailgating both days and I remember listening to the radio as the radio guys were backstage talking to Sammy, Eddie and Mike.

They asked where Alex was and Eddie said that he was a little under the weather and was napping it off. That night VH played a great show. Nothing on the magical out of this world VH show but a solid show that was what I would expect from VH at the time. (Sammy Hagar recently revealed if Eddie Van Halen is really sick)

The next night I heard that Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer were there and sure enough I could see them watching the band from behind Alex’s gong. To say that Alex played the show of his life that night was an understatement. he knew those guys were watching and he basically drove that band to another level.

I couldn’t believe the difference from the first night to the second! I still remember to this day how Alex’s drum fills sounded at the end of Ain’t talkin bout love. They were way out there and so damn cool. I have never heard him play the end of that song like that since! I guess your peers are certainly good motivators.” Eddie Van Halen kissed a famous friend in resurfaced photos.