Tool Massive New Video With A-List Actress Leaks


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has uploaded a new edit of the Star Wars television series ‘The Mandalorian’ directed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard, with Baby Yoda listening to Tool songs leading to an explosion. Jones wrote on social media, “Love this* @toolmusic #mandalorian #themandalorian.”

A Tool member hinted at hiring a surprising singer for a supergroup earlier this week. Tool fans recently discussed the band and Maynard James Keenan banning mosh pits at concerts. Tubznych posted, “It’s a shame that they don’t allow mosh pits at Tool shows. It’s an experience I get it but some of these songs are made for you to let loose.”

NoVAGuitarGuy2 responded, “Really? I don’t find any of Tool’s songs they played on this tour to be particularly ‘moshy’ and would probably scratch my head a bit if I saw someone moshing at a Tool concert.”

He later added, “I don’t know, wouldn’t call that moshy… I’ve been to a lot of shows where massive circle pits have opened, old school hardcore shows, thrash shows, death metal shows. The most dangerous pit I ever saw was at Family Values Tour in 2001 when Linkin Park and Staind were playing… I am not exaggerating. The dude-bros that dominated the crowd just didn’t know pit etiquette and I saw more punches thrown there than at any other show I have ever been to.

I also saw jack asses assaulting girls that were crowd surfing at that show. Only time I have ever thrown a punch at a concert when a guy was celebrating reaching up and grabbing a girl’s chest as she crowd-surfed by.

Tool strikes a very different vibe to me than what I would consider moshy music. If others want to do it, and there’s space, and they know how to act in a pit, by all means, enjoy yourself.” Rage Against The Machine dropped a Tool bombshell a few days ago.