Tool Member Confirms ‘Fear Inoculum’ Sequel Album


Tool drummer Danny Carey has confirmed to Modern Drummer magazine that he’s making a new album that will serve as a sequel to the Tool Fear Inoculum track “Chocolate Chip Trip” and be entirely based around the sound and concept of that song. Tool kicked fans out of a show a few days ago after a ridiculous demand.

MD: Besides touring behind the new Tool album, what’s in your near future?

Danny: I’m going to try to do an album with Jamie and Pete Griffin, because I really enjoy doing that. And I’ll start working on an album that’s based on the idea of “Chocolate Chip Trip,” with a synthesizer, maybe have it more melodic and have actual tunes. I had a lot of fun doing that. I’ve been increasing my synthesizer arsenal to a crazy level, so I’ve got lots of directions I can go with it. I’m looking forward to experimenting and traveling off into that world.

MD: On “Pneuma,” there’s so much going on, with odd times, some four-on-the-floor action that’s almost dancy, and then something that sounds like tabla, and then a tribal tom part followed by some pummeling double bass. Do you remember composing that or tracking it? (Maynard James Keenan recently revealed if he hates Radiohead)

Danny: That one started with Justin’s bass riff , and I’m always trying to find the heaviest groove possible to make it have an illusion of, like you said, being dancy. Or being in 4/4—whatever it takes to find the heaviest pulse I can out of it. So I always try to accentuate that. When it opened up into that part you’re talking about, the tabla, that’s actually an old Wavedrum, the one that looks like a toilet seat. [laughs] And that’s the tabla sound that’s in that thing. And I thought it would open up the song more if I used that as the ride cymbal, so I moved my right hand off my ride and onto that thing.

Spicoli_462 posted recently posted on Reddit about crazy ‘cash grab’ Tool poster prices at concerts, “This poster mania is crazy! I was lucky to get mine on day 3 at Aftershock (unsigned). I would not pay the $200 for the signed posters or go through the headache of stressing over them at this point in my fandom.

I agree that the gouging is rough but its a direct result from everyone willing to pay the prices. I bought one signed poster back in 2014 (walked right up to the table no line) for $150? Over 5 years an extra $50 for posters is more than Im willing to shell out. With how much merch Tool signs anyways I cant imagine in the future it will be worth that much more.”

You can read the full interview at Modern Drummer.