Tool Alleged ‘Cash Grab’ At Concert Revealed


A Tool fan who later deleted his account posted on Reddit that while he loves the band, he wasn’t a fan of the merchandise prices at a recent concert. A Tool member revealed a new album ‘disappointment’ a few days ago.

He said, “My friend and I, both from Halifax Nova Scotia, flew down to Las Vegas and rented a car to see the 2nd show in LA. The tickets for section 119 row 10 were roughly $380 each and that was ok even if the price was a bit much. We waited 1.5 hours to get in and hopefully get a poster for the show. We were no more than 10 people back in our lineup (which was one lineup of probably 10+ lineups around the building). We could see the posters and shirts counter about 40 feet inside from the entrance. Ran into a couple of cool guys who stood behind us and mentioned that there were Tool posters from that evening already on sale on eBay for $600-1900 and the doors were still 35min from opening.

Then people reported that on the other side of the Staples Center, there was at least one outside sales desk for posters and shirts and people were able to buy immediately. We also started seeing shirts dated that evening being worn, so I figured that the news might be true.”

Maynard James Keenan was recently photographed bending over. The Reddit user added, “Once inside, we were in a line of 35-40 people and it looked like folks could get 2 posters each. 10-15 people went through and the posters were gone. We were told to go up the escalators to the next floor and get them there, and they were gone when we arrived also. Some folks reported seeing people able to buy 5-10 posters (Not sure if this was true TBH), but I saw someone walking with the box posters came in and it looked heavy (No real confirmation however).

My friend bought some shirts for himself and friends back home, and the quality of the shirts was pretty bad. Every seam on every shirt was unraveling. Unraveling under the arms, around the neck AND the bottom stitchings as well. These shirts cost $45+ and when we placed them next to Walmart ‘George” Brand shirts for $5, they did not measure up.”

He later added, “Just a little bit disappointed in the experience. The concert was amazing as far as the music was concerned but the rest was a simple cash grab. I’m at the age where I’ve seen my share of concerts and will simply buy the odd vinyl album of my fav. artists but if this is the way everything is headed, as far as prices and quality of items and so forth, then I feel for the younger generation of fans.

I’d like to hear other people’s opinions regarding my post. Maybe I got some facts wrong, but comment please either way. Thanks.” Maynard James Keenan ‘finishing’ with Tool in days was detailed last week.