Tool Member Makes $100,000 Purchase


Tool have once again resumed touring. The band previously debuted a new song live on tour. Tool recently performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim on January 18th. It was at this show that vocalist Maynard James Keenan found out about the use of a drug by a fan.

The fans have taken note of “a drum pad or keyboard looking thing behind Danny [Carey] on tour” and have questioned whether he plays it or not. The instrument was also noted on the 2019 tour.

Danny Carey seemingly owns a $100,000 instrument

One of Tool’s fans has revealed that the instrument that Carey possesses is a Lumina marimba, and it costs a whopping $100,000, with only five having been made. Tool fans have noted that he uses the piece during the song, “Invincible.” Another fan said: “I believe he uses it during his performance of ‘Chocolate Chip Trip.’ It seems to be some type of keyboard to make them sound more so than rhythm.”

While another stated that: “It’s a really rare controller. I think it’s actually playing the virus but the rainbow thing is just a playing surface that sends midi signals. Maybe.”

The alternative metal legends were planning for a major tour in support of their new album Fear Inoculum back in Spring 2020 before the global pandemic stopped them in their tracks. And after that 18-month break, they are back on road. Tool are set to play in North America and Europe throughout the winter and early spring of 2022, 3 years after the release of their comeback album ‘Fear Inoculum.’  Maynard James Keenan recently forgot the words this classic Tool hit.  The band’s tour bus was recently spotted in San Diego for their concert at Viejas Arena. The Fear Inoculum tour is the continuation of the group’s latest effort which was released in 2019. Before that, the band did not release a single studio album since 2006’s 10,000 Days.